Barrhead Rainbow Run


All About Barrhead are looking to bring some colour back into the town for the summer months with the announcement of this latest town centre event.

The event is a ‘fun run’ with a twist, set over a 2km course in Carlibar Park, featuring 5 ‘colour zones’ and as you pass through each you will be covered in a different colour of powder paint. As you approach the end of your second lap of the course, you will make your way through the ‘Gauntlet’, which is a 100ft+ inflatable assault course, whilst being covered in more paint.

Announced as an event for all, and participants being advised they don’t have to run at all, this isn’t a race tickets are priced at just £10 for adults and £7 for children. Included in the ticket price is a limited edition event t-shirt and an individual packet of paint for you to use on you and your friends within the event area.

The event is also set to feature a warm-up stage with live entertainment special paint-themed sports stations where you can try out all manner of sports and funfair rides.

BID Chair, Paul Santi of the New Yorker, said: “Many locals speak fondly of the Barrhead Gala, so we thought it was important to bring a large event back to the town during the Summer months, especially following the success of our ‘Big Barrhead Christmas Lights Switch On.

“This event has proven popular across the world, and we are looking forward to seeing how colourful we can make the town on the day.

“This is part of the local businesses way of giving back to community, giving them something to enjoy in their home town, at a fraction of the price other organisations charge for similar events.

“We hope this is just the beginning for this event and will look to grow on it for future years.”

You can book tickets for the event here. Any questions can be emailed to or message the team via the @allaboutbarrheadFacebook page.

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