All About Barrhead Business Improvement District (BID)

Barrhead has over 10 years of capital investment coming through housing and commercial development. To ensure we are making the most of this golden opportunity and that our town centre has a vision and plan for the future based on our town economy, a Business Improvement District is being established.

Andy Dunlop – BID Manager

Andy is the All About Barrhead BID Manager, and the first point of contact for all queries relating to the All About Barrhead BID project for members and for any questions relating to inclusion within the Business Directory

What Is A BID?

In 2010, The Scottish Government defined a Business Improvement District (BID) as; “A precisely defined geographical area of a town, commercial district or tourism and visitor area, where businesses vote to invest collectively in local improvements resulting in an improved business environment and improved local economic growth.” As such, the Clarkston BID ‘I Love Clarkston‘ was developed by the town’s commercial sector and continues to be managed and paid for by the same businesses – plus or minus a few retailer changes. The concept only works if voted in by a majority of businesses, and it is then sustainable for its 5-year term by the payment of a compulsory BID levy. This collective investment pulls businesses together, including both independent and national retailers, and forms a large support network in which all businesses can flourish. In Clarkston, 2015 saw both the BID’s first 5-year term come to an end, and the passing of a successful renewal ballot, meaning I Love Clarkston shall remain until at least 2020. This proves that our BID is indeed successful at creating a great business environment and improving local economic growth, but it is so much more. As a collective body, all businesses in the area have a stronger influence in what matters to them, whether that be lobbying against local government decisions perceived to be harmful to Clarkston, or organising fun community events such as the annual Winter Wonderland. BIDs have proved to be successful and innovative across the UK, and further afield, so let’s continue to make the most of I Love Clarkston!

Board of Directors

from left to right. Top Row
Paul Santi, BID Chair
Sara Park-Patterson, BID Vice Chair, Bluestone
Matt Lynch, BID Secretary, Mackinlay & Suttie
Lorna Deveney, BID Treasurer, TSB
Brian McMillan, F & M Hairdressing
Bud Gauld, The Brig Inn
from left to right. Bottom Row
Kerr Mellville, Barrhead Foundry
Robert Flynn, Citizens Advice Bureau
James Ward, Barrhead Housing Association
Jennifer Capaldi, Catherine Rose Cake Design
Kirsty Lafferty, Country Feeds