Town Centre Survey Brings Positive Results

Recent shopper survey reveals feelings towards Barrhead Town Centre.

In June and July, local market research firm IBP Strategy & Research carried out a shopper survey in the Barrhead Town Centre. There was a mixture of positive and negative results that came from it. 96% of respondents were very happy with the accessibility to the shops. The same number were also pleased with the services such as doctors, dentists and specialists. 

On the flip side, respondents found the retail hubs dirty and weren't happy with the lack of variety of shops either. One of the major issues that both shoppers and businesses revealed that main street parking was a major issue with BID Steering Group chair person Paul Santi speaking out about the issue.

The information will be used in a full report that will be used to aid the ballot next year. 

The information said: “The three best things about shopping and using the facilities and services in Barrhead as perceived by respondents are specific shops (71 per cent), the convenience of the local shops and services that they use (53 per cent) and specific facilities (35 per cent).

“Conversely, the three worst things about shopping or using the facilities and services in Barrhead as perceived by respondents are the range and type of shops and services (47 per cent), undesirable people and feeling of safety (47 per cent) and this is followed to a much lesser extent by environmental issues (13 per cent).”

To read up more on the survey, please click on the link to the Barrhead News.

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