Steering Group Minutes 14th March 2016

Minutes of the latest steering group meeting.

Venue Bluestone Cafe, 14th March 2016

Apologies: Doreen Rennick, Shirley Robison, Rena McGuire, Brian MacMillan

Diane Allan has resigned from the Steering Group.
Attendees: Paul Santi, Sara Park Patterson, John Park, Bud Gauld, Laura Molloy, Jeanette Park Patterson

LM had submitted the Barrhead BID Business Proposal and Operating Agreement to BIDs Scotland. This has been returned with reviews and amends and LM was seeking advice from the steering group as to how they wanted to take the business proposal forward.

Yes votes canvassed.
BIDs Scotland have noted that where there are BIDs of a similar size, a turnout of approx. 114 businesses to the ballot would be expected. This would then require a 50% yes vote or 57 in number. To date Barrhead BID have had a survey submission of 58 yes votes and a verbal canvas of 72. The steering group and project coordinator reviewed the yes and no votes to date and will take action to continue to canvas the businesses between now and the ballot closing on 27th June 2016.

Operating Agreement
An operating agreement exists between ERC and Clarkston and Giffnock BIDs. This has been negotiated and signed by ER BIDs Co and ERC. The Barrhead BID will submit a template agreement as supplied by BIDs Scotland with the expectation that it will be negotiated and agreed with ERC in due course and with legal advice.

Levy Exemptions
This has previously been discussed and voted on by the steering group (11th Jan 2016) but was raised again at the meeting. After lengthy discussion and feedback from the steering group it was once again agreed that Churches, ATM’s, Hub Stations and Advertising Stations should be included in the BID. Reasons were that churches in particular would benefit from the community activity and will be a key part of the diversity on offer within the BID projects. Cultural and event activity will deliver increased footfall and a key aim of the BID is to increase perceptions and customer experience of the town centre BID area. It would also be unfair for some charities to benefit from an exemption as it would be difficult to make a clear distinction between where the line was drawn. A lower levy band of £250 per year or £5 per week was considered a fair levy value for those with a low RV.

Barrhead Levern and Southern Church has amalgamated with St Andrews. This is not in the BID area and will be removed from the BID database. Gospel Hall, Barrhead Evangelical Church, Salvation Army and Bourock Church remain as part of the BID area. The steering group will speak with them individually.

Next Steps feedback and review of projects
LM presented the feedback from 20 businesses on the BID’s proposed projects. As such customer service training was least popular and will be removed from the proposals. Effort will be made to find the owner of the gap site on Cross Arthurlie St, pending a successful vote, to allow the BID to make better use of empty space. Popular projects were seeking grants for dispersal among the businesses, and this will rely on an effective Bid manager. Shop local campaign utilising digital and print was also popular and will be one of the key aims for the BID. Scottish retail statistics have recently shown that shoppers want an experience when in their town centre, to be entertained and enjoy more than simply shopping which can be done online. The BID have plans to deliver entertainment for visitors to the town centre to both improve perceptions and enhance the shopper experience.

Next Step
LM to submit the Business proposal to Scottish Government and Local Authority by 21st March 2016.


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