Steering Group

The Steering Group is responsible for deciding the direction and projects all about Barrhead follows. All about Barrhead’s Steering Group is comprised of local business owners and managers, all of whom volunteer their own time and effort.

Representing a range of sectors and each with a strong presence in Barrhead, the group bring their knowledge and passion for the local area.

These are the members of your all about Barrhead Steering Group. 

 Paul Santi 

Paul Santi (Chairperson)

Member Premises Contact Number
Paul Santi (Chairperson) New Yorker 0141 580 0330
Sara Park-Patterson (Vice Chairperson)     Bluestone Design 0141 580 1943
Brian MacMillan F & M Hairdressers 0141 876 0330
Bud Gauld The Brig Inn 0141 881 9552
John Park  Scott's Stores  0141 881 5389
Jeanette Park-Patterson Bluestone Design 0141 580 1943
Doreen Rennick Knitting Bee 0141 881 1969
Shirley Robison Barrhead Housing Association 0141 881 0638

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