New Owners See The Benefits of a BID

A Barrhead favourite has been given a new lease of life under new management.

A newsagent in Barrhead that has been in business for 35 years has new life breathed into by new owners Alma and Stephen Reid. Alma's, formerly Yuill's, was given a makeover with a seating area placed inside.

Alma was part of the steering group for the Barrhead BID until recently where commitments to her business became a priority. She states that:

"I have been a member of steering groups in the past, and I know just what kind of commitment you need to give to them. At the moment, we are a new business and we are trying to grow, so I have decided to take a step back from working on the steering group. However I am still very much in the loop, and I have been helping them with leaflets and sending things out a lot. I think the BID is a great idea, and it can only benefit the town and businesses.”

We thank Alma for her continued support with all about Barrhead and you can read the full article here.

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