27th April 2016 Steering Group Meeting

The Steering Group for Barrhead BID meet at least once a month to develop the business plan and progress to ballot. Below are the minutes of the meeting on 27th April 2016.

Attendees: Doreen Rennick, John Park, Sara Park Patterson, Jeanette Park Patterson, Bud Gauld, Shirley Robison, Laura Molloy

Apologies: Brian MacMillan, Rena McGuire, Paul Santi

Business Proposal

Recommendations for amends were received by LM from the Scottish Government. The recommended changes were put in place and LM met with Gillian McNamara Economic Development at ERC to present the changes. The changes were primarily around exemptions for ATM’s, Advertising stations and hub stations, amends to the database, fair dispersal of the levy among higher value rate payers, voting persons within ERC, and changes to a date in the formal notice of ballot to ERC.

LM has now made the changes and sent formal notice to ERC, Scottish Government, and BIDs Scotland that Barrhead BID intends to hold a ballot.


LM noted some changes to tenure within the BID area and the BID area and the database has  been updated.

The database has been sent to ERC for the ballot papers on 28th April.

LM informed the group that ballot papers will be sent out on 16th May to every person eligible for non-domestic rates.

Business Plan

The content of the plan was read through by the group

The brochure will be designed and sent to the printer on Fri 29th March

Final images of the steering group members were taken for the brochure.

Business Consultations

The steering group agreed that each member should engage with the businesses in their areas and aim to speak to everyone as the ballot papers and business plans are delivered. A summary of the database is to be sent to everyone to ensure we can track the consultations.


The ballot opens on May 16 and closes at 5pm 27th June. Every effort should be made to have ballot returned from each premises within the BID area.

Next meeting

Mon 6th June 6.30pm Bluestone

Please bring along the details of the businesses that have been spoken to.

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