23rd Nov 2015 Steering Group Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Steering Group meeting for the Barrhead Business Improvement District, on Mon 23rd Nov 2015. The Barrhead Christmas Fayre is a demonstration event for the town to get a sense of what a BID could achieve for the town centre and the community. This meeting is a Christmas Fayre planning meeting.

Venue: Barrhead Foundy

Date and Time: 6.30pm 23rd Nov 2015

Apologies: Bud Gauld, Brian MacMillan, Sara Park Patterson, Jeanette Park Patterson

Attendee: Laura Molloy, Sharon O'Rourke, Paul Santi, John Park, Doreen Rennick, Linda Cummin

Volunteers: Richard, Ross, Lorna, Barry, Meagan, Clare, Naimh



Final budget spent on advert in Barrhead News this week

All costs now finalised for budget.

PS to bring santa hats, flier, balloons and sticks to stall 10.30am

LM to take santa hats to Funfair team.


Barrhead Timber to deliver at 8am.

BMacM to decorate by 9am

Santa, Mrs Claus on site and ready by 11.30. Elf (Meagan) by 1pm.

LC to provide donation buckets for £1 donations for Barrhead Women's Refuge and Food Bank. All have been contacted and will hand over the following week.

Treasure Hunt

PS to hand in chocolate santas and fliers to stall. Entries up until 3.30. Winner for prize draw announced at 4pm.

JPP to provide LM with answers for clues.


Delivered at 8am. 

Stall holders set up by 11am

Richard to decorate with balloons before 12 and all stall holders to get santa hats.


Ross to be stage assistant and direct acts. SO'R or site manager to provide stage rundown.

Security and First Aid.

G4S to e extended for site set up and break down traffic.

St Andrews to be sited at both Tesco and Asda


Asda to put up lights and test on Fri 22nd. Darren to be available on Sat for switch on.


Sleigh start point at Train station car park 4pm.

Ross, Clare, Megan, Naimh, Lorna all to be ready as elves for start and accompany santa.

Staff Running order

S O'R has provided everyone with run down for the event.

SG team order

S O'R and Event Manager onsite 8am

BMacM decorate Grotto 8-9am

LM on stall 10am

PS with marketng and materials 10.30am

DS at Grotto 11.30

Volunteers to arrive as follows:

Megan @ grotto - 1pm

Richard @ stall 11am

Ross @ stage 12.30pm

Lorna, Clare and Naimh @ stall 12pm

Barry @ Grotto 11.30pm

Activity running order

All day

10am - 3.30pm Treasure hunt in Cross Arthurlie St with chocolate treat for each completed entry and prize draw of £50 cash prize. Hand in completed entries to 'all about Barrhead stall at Asda square by 3.30pm

12 noon start Tesco

- Funfair till 5pm

12 noon start at Asda

- Stalls, owls, kids rides till 5pm

- Inflatable Santa till 4pm

- Grotto at Asda (close 3.30pm)

- Rickshaws between sites till 4.30pm

1pm start a Asda  (close 5pm)

Stage hosted by Pulse 98.4FM

-Erin Bolland sings

- Barrhead High School choir

- Andy Lynsay sings

- United Reform Church choir

- Suzie Graham as Patsy Cline

- Gilllian Anderson Dancers

- Ukulele band

- Molly Stewart sings

- Burgh Pipe Band

- Murdo Mitchell sings

4pm Santa arrives on his sleigh

- start 4pm train station car park, moving along Cross Arthurlie St and onto Main Street before ending in front of Asda Square

- Lights countdown and switch on by Santa at Christmas Tree on Asda Square at 4.30pm

5pm event ends.








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