21st September 2015 Steering Group and Public Meeting

Minutes from the the Steering Group and public meeting.

Voluntary Action. 6.30pm - 8pm

Mon 21st Sept 2015


Asda have provided the SG with a grant form to go towards the cost of installing a Christmas tree.

LM will complete this and return it to Linda Cummins, Asda Community Manager.

LM presented the findings of two surveys completed so far. This presentation will be uploaded to the website www.allaboutbarrhead.co.uk

LM will start the draft business plan within the next 2 weeks based on the consultation results.

Steps will be taken by LM to source an additional report from ERC, as mentioned by Anne Kidd of Voluntary Action.

All proposals for the event manager role were presented and a successful candidate was selected. LM will contact them this week.

Christmas tasks

The following people have taken responsibility for tasks relating to the Christmas event:

  • Laura Molloy – ERC liaison for bins, barriers etc
  • Laura Molloy – Tesco site Fairground
  • Event Manager – Licences, certificates, management, liaison for all tasks in lead up to event, event layout and operation on the day, site clear up.
  • Paul Santi – marketing plus 1 other volunteer
  • Jeanette Park Patterson – Cross Arthurlie Treasure Map
  • Sara Park Patterson and Bud Gauld – stalls
  • Entertainment (both suppliers and stage) Doreen Rennick
  • Linda Cummins – Santa sleigh ride and lights switch on
  • A number of volunteers will be sought to help run the event. Anne Kidd from Voluntary Action will promote volunteer roles as soon as we can provide her with brief.

LM will write an updated project plan with full details of contacts made so far, volunteers required, scope for each task and budget allocated. This will be circulated by end of 24th Sept.

LM will hand in the grant form by end 24th Sept.

Next meeting 5th Oct 2015.

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