21st April 2015

The inaugural meeting of the steering group. A Chair and Vice Chair were elected to lead the group.

Venue: Bluestone Design

Date: 21.04.15

Time: 6.15pm



John Park (Scotts Stores)

Eric and Paul Santi (Alpinos and New Yorker)

Jeanette and Sara Park-Patterson (Bluestone)

Liz Sutherland (Boots)

Mandy Pattison (Clip)

Doreen Rennick (The Knitting Bee)

Brian MacMillian (F&M)

Shirley Robison (Barrhead HA)

Rosemary McInally (Hair Rods/ Moda Dea)



Paul Santi was elected Chair

Sara Park-Patterson was elected Vice Chair

Each member was allocated a number of businesses from the database who they will approach to inform them about the developing BID, ask them to complete the short initial survey, and hand them a letter of info. All contact will be recorded on a contact sheet provided. Surveys and contact sheets will be returned at the next meeting.

Brian MacMillian will be on holiday at the next meeting so he will complete his before he leaves and hand to Laura Molloy.

Laura Molloy to send the letter for the businesses (Eric Santi did not have enough) - see attached.

Laura Molloy to send the table showing ave Rateable Values and levy at 1,2 and 3% - see attached.

Laura Molloy to order the BID Scotland 'Town Centre & High Street BIDS' from BID Scotland - this has been ordered.

Laura Molloy will contact press and introduce Barrhead BID may contact Paul Santi for interview.


Next Meeting 

18th May 6.30pm Bluestone 27 Cross Arthurlie St. This meeting will be to look at detail at the database and discuss the BID area and levy. We will also collect all the contact sheets and surveys from the members.


Still to be completed

A list of activities from other BIDs - Laura Molloy will send next week.


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