1st June 2015 Mid Month Email Update

There is a lot happening this month so an information email was sent to the steering group with an update of activity.

New Steering Group members

The following people will be joining the steering group in June - Mr & Mrs Peter Narwan from Lee's newsagents, Alma from what used to be Yuill's in Cross Arthurlie Street, Jacqui Millar from Barrhead Travel.

David Henry from Café 158 has decided not to join and Rosemary McInally will be unable to take part due to work commitments.

Initial surveys by the steering group

Request that everyone who still has some surveys to collect please gather them in before the next steering group meeting and bring them along. We have 46 so far and this is an excellent start. Laura Molloy has passed the results onto a graphic designer who is making a start on the branding. She also passed them to the independent research company who will create an more in-depth survey to base the business plan on.  

Independent shopper and business surveys

Building on the initial surveys, Laura Molloy met with the research company who will do shopper surveys over a week in June and business surveys in June/ July. It would be helpful to have drop off places for the businesses to return these, potentially Bluestone and Barrhead Travel?

Christmas event

The council have offered to put up some cash to allow the BID to host a taster event at Christmas to help promote what a BID could do for the town. Laura Molloy has spoken to both The Foundry Chief Exec and Diane Allan from Asda and both are interested in it. More details will be presented at the next meeting and Malcolm Wright from ERC will attend to help us understand what is involved. This will need a sub team to organise and run it so think about whether you can get involved. 

MSP visit to Barrhead

STP (Scotland Town's Partnership) have got in touch to say Hugh Henry MSP would like to spend a day in Barrhead can we help? Laura Molloy has suggested the BID could host and organise for him to spend a bit of time in the town centre businesses and involve the Barrhead News to promote the BID. More info on it here.

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