19th Oct Steering Group Minutes

The Steering Group for the development of the BID for Barrhead Town Centre met on Mon 21st Oct.

The minutes are noted below.

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Linda Cummin, Sharon O’Rourke, Doreen Rennick, Paul Santi, Brian MacMillan, Laura Molloy


Scotland’s Town Partnership had approached the steering group to conduct a video on Barrhead for their forthcoming conference. Bud Gauld had agreed to take part.

LM update on progress on draft business plan, which has been delayed due to Christmas activity. This should be ready by end Nov with a ballot date of end May 2016.

Planning updates from everyone regarding the Christmas event.

LC confirmed a £1000 grant towards the Christmas tree from Asda.

B MacM to manage organisation of santa area on main site


PS and BMacM to compare marketing quotes

PS and JPP to liaise for treasure hunt artwork/ info

LM to post a request for entertainment for stage on social media and website.

LM to measure gazebo for Santa area for B MacM.

B MacM to ascertain decorations available

SO’R to source sandbags

LM to send tree supplier emails to LC

S O’R to contact farmers market suppliers for stalls.

S O’R to confirm occasional license applications

Meeting dates

2nd Nov 6.30pm 

16th Nov 6.30 

23rd Nov (Volunteers briefing at this meeting)


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