18th May 2015 Steering Group Meeting

Minutes of the steering group meeting held on 18th May 2015.

Date: 18th May 2015

Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Venue: Bluestone Cafe

Attendees: PS, LM, SPP, JPP, WG, LS, JP, DR, MP

Apologies: SR, AR, JP

We had our second steering group meeting at Bluestone café. Minutes from the meeting are as follows:

Barrhead News

Graham Mann, Editor of Barrhead News, met with the Chair, Vice Chair and Laura Molloy to find out about the development of a BID for Barrhead. This was well received and a great feature on the BID was placed. Any of the businesses within the BID are can put themselves forward for a spotlight feature. This month Doreen Rennick from The Knitting Bee, 52 Main Street, 0141 881 1969, has been nominated and would like to feature in the coming months BIB based feature. Doreen is a member of the Steering Group.

Initial business survey returns

The steering group members have been consulting with the town centre businesses to inform as many as possible about the BID. An impressive 44 surveys have been completed and returned so far. The information will allow the database to be as accurate as possible for the ongoing consultation process. It shall also be the basis for the development of a BID logo. This will then allow the communications tools of a website, email and Facebook page to be created and shared. An independent research company will be passed the information on the issues and opportunities the businesses said they faced. This will then form the basis of an in depth shopper and business survey. This will then start the process of building a business plan that meets the needs of Barrhead Town Centre.

Ongoing business survey completion

The steering group will continue to consult with the businesses to complete the survey and inform them about the BID until each business has been contacted.


The steering group were presented with some data on the rateable values across the town centre, based on the publicly held Scottish Assessors Association data. A discrepancy in the data was highlighted and Laura Molloy will endeavour to check it has been rectified for the next meeting. There was discussion on how levy monies may be spent and that fund raised can only be spent on projects outlined in the business plan voted for by the businesses.


There was a discussion on how the steering group could get across the message that the BID is a completely separate entity to the council and was independent. This can only really be done through consulting face to face with the other businesses and using the materials produced by BID Scotland.


Paul Santi and Laura Molloy are meeting the Chief Exec of the new Culture and Leisure Trust next Wed to discuss the role the Foundry could play in the BID.

New Steering Group Members

Laura Molloy will approach contact at Barrhead Travel to come onto steering group following a meeting with Liz Sutherland from Boots while carrying out the surveys.

Next Meeting

Mon 15th June 6.30pm Bluestone.


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