13th July 2015 Steering Group Meeting

Minutes from the steering group meeting held at Bluestone Design on the 13th July.

Venue: Bluestone Cafe

Date: Monday 13th July 2015

Time: 6:30pm


Laura Molloy, Liz Sutherland, Bud Gault, Alma Reid, Doreen Rennick, Paul Santi (Chair), Sara Park Patterson (Vice Chairperson), John Park.


Minutes from meeting:


The ‘all about Barrhead’ website, Facebook and Twitter pages are now live. Please share and urge everyone to check them out and sign up or follow.




To raise awareness of the digital media LM will arrange for postcards  to be printed asking people to sign up for news and information. These will be distributed in August 2015.

From August/ September the BID will send out monthly newsletters by email and by post, to keep the momentum going and ensure we communicate with as many people as possible.

Barrhead News

The Barrhead News have placed a story about the BID on the cover this week! They are encouraging the businesses to return their surveys before the deadline on 20th July. They have also placed a ½ page story inside with information on the BID and what it is all about.

MSP visit 30th July 2015

The Steering Group will host a visit to the town by MSP Hugh Henry on 30th July. The current itinerary is as follows:

11am start meeting at the café in The Foundry with John Hamilton, Councillor Hay, steering group members and Laura Molloy for a photo call.

Business visits will then follow;

11.20-11.50 Lee’s Newsagents and Boots

12pm New Yorker

12.15 F&M Hairdressing

12.35 The Knitting Bee

12.50 Scott’s Stores

1.10 Bluestone – stop for lunch

2pm Alma’s

2.15 Brig Inn – end.

Christmas event

The BID is being provided with a small amount of funding to host a Christmas event in Barrhead this year. Sara Park Patterson has been leading the project and suggests the tasks are split into 4 areas, in order to spread the burden of work. Before we do this it is suggested by LM that we create a short, roughly costed plan of activities. This includes gathering cost info on the following

A shot window hunt (LM)

How many stalls would be required if at Lidl and Asda (SPP)

What the cost of those stalls would be (SPP)

A Santa parade and if it’s possible to have it provided by Murdoch’s (JP)

Access to empty hall above Main street shopping centre (LM)

If ASDA could source a tree (LM, DA)

Pulse to host day (SPP)

Santa grotto and other fun activities (SPP)

The mini team of LM,JP and SPP will communicate together and bring the info to next steering group meeting.


An assessment of the database has shown approx. 77 town centre businesses have not had a member of the steering group spoken to them yet. The team divided these up and each shall be attempted before the next meeting.

Project ideas

JP raised the idea of radio linked security for as a project for the BID. This was warmly received and more info sought from a supplier on costs and how it would operate. This will be included into the ideas to be presented to the town centre businesses for feedback at the next stage of consultation, the ‘next steps’ document.

Next meeting Monday 17th August, 6.30pm Bluestone.

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