11th Jan 2016 Steering Group Meeting

We publish the minutes of every Steering Group meeting. The minutes below are from the latest meeting on Mon 16th Jan 2016.


Minutes from Steering Group meeting 11.01.16, Barrhead Housing Association 6.30pm


Laura Molloy

Shirley Robison

Paul Santi

Sara Park Patterson

Jeanette Park Patterson

John Park

Bud Gauld

Apologies received from Doreen Rennick and Diane Allan



To review the Draft Business Plan and agree on projects and levy.


Laura Molloy provided a copy of the draft business plan that has been created based on feedback and consultation received since Feb 2015.

The steering group were asked to review the plan and provide feedback or amends. They were further asked to agree on the levy that will be proposed and its structure.

Projects Ideas

  • ‘all about Barrhead’s Pride’ – project ideas presented for this category were concerned with influencing the planning of Barrhead’s new developments to ensure that the high frequency of new residents visits into the BID area (Cross Arthurlie St to Main St) will continue with ease of accessibility. Feedback was provided on how the future BID should manage this and what elements of the planning process it could influence and partners it should engage with such as working with the Green Network who are planning paths for the new housing developments and LDP areas. Projects are also proposed to tackle the feeling of being unsafe and improving the appearance of the area. To develop the ‘ friendly’ feedback, a customer service programme would be subsidised across BID business.
  • ‘all about Barrhead’s Culture’ – projects in this category are to provide both large footfall driving events and small street theatre and pop up events that will give residents a diverse offer and improved visitor experience. They would utilise existing spaces but also look at revitalising gap sites and empty buildings.
  • ‘all about Barrhead’s Businesses’ – projects in this category are intended to utilise the collective strength of the BID to reduce costs and margin.  It has been identified that a review of Non Domestic Rates is due in 2017 and the BID will implement a plan to assist members who wish to appeal. The BID would also seek to apply for grant funds appropriate for its members and implement an application and dispersal method. The BID can facilitate collective buying for facilities management to reduce costs. The BID can also facilitate employability assistance to individuals seeking to improve their employment chances through a supportive and flexible range of options such as work experience, part time hours  or volunteering.
  • ‘all about Barrhead’s Reputation’ – A strong shop local campaign, utilising a fully integrated marketing plan both through digital and offline will be put in place, with additional focus on PR to get good news stories about Barrhead into the news.
  • ‘all about Barrhead’s Momentum – Establishing the team that will actually deliver the plan and create the momentum throughout the 5 year term. LM will look at the use of street ambassadors to work with a Bid manager as it has been successful in other BID areas.


Levy Arrangement

Some of the projects presented were rejected therefore a final cost of the plan will be re-calculated and sent to the steering group. Once agreed, the cost of this plan will be finalised and included in the draft business plan. The levy will be based on this cost.

Although the steering group have previously discussed and agreed that there would be no exemptions to the levy this issues was raised again by LM. The group discussed at length all the organisations and business types within the BID area including Churches, ATM's Advertising stations and Hub stations. It was felt that the BID would offer significant benefit to these businesses and organisations and has saught to propose projects that would deliver real benefits to them. It was also felt that to provide some businesses with an exemption would be unfair to those who had to pay. After taking a vote on this the steering group agreed that the levy should have no exceptions to be completely fair.

The steering group looked at the various structures available to BIDs such as a % of rateable value or a banding system. Overall the banding system was agreed by the majority to be the fairest and this will be taken forward into the business plan with some adjustments as per feedback from the group.



An agreed draft business plan and levy banding should be re-sent to the group and signed off for the draft business plan by 22nd Jan. This shall be distilled into a ‘Next Steps’ document and sent to all eligible persons within the BID area by start Feb for further consultation.


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