Barrhead BID Wins Ballot

After 6 weeks of voting, the businesses in Barrhead Town Centre have voted in favour of forming a Business Improvement District.

Businesses in Barrhead town centre have voted in favour of forming a Business Improvement District. The ballot closed at 5pm on Monday 27th June. 149 businesses had the opportunity to vote and 59 returned their ballot paper. The total number of returned ballot papers were counted in terms of aggregate rateable value and by numbers voting. The number of returned ballot papers in favour of the BID was 64% and the aggregate rateable value in favour was 80%. As such the proposal to establish a Business Improvement District in Barrhead has been approved.

The establishment of a BID for Barrhead town centre will now proceed in order to deliver the projects set out in their 5-year business plan for the benefit of the businesses and the community they serve. Over the 5-year lifetime of the BID they aim to raise over £101,000 each year through a local levy that will invest in business-enhancing projects. The BID aims to put in place activity that meets the demands of the local development plans, competition from online shopping through an enhanced cultural experience, and offer a cohesive approach to marketing and cost reduction.

The Steering Group who have so far delivered the business plan, will now take a short break before working towards the establishment of a Board of Directors and set up the company, which will be ran by the member businesses entirely on their own behalf. The Barrhead BID Company will then be set up and work will begin from October 2016. Barrhead has a bright future, with 10 years of residential, industrial and leisure developments in and around the town. The BID will ensure that the town centre is ready and able to meet the changing times and economic landscape.

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